Your Online Footprint

Many advisors realize the need for a good solid online presence but few look at the subject as anything other than an ancillary part of their business module.

It was not that long ago having your office next to the local bank in your community gave you instant credibility. While that seems all but a distant memory, today your online presence will go a long way in putting a face and a platform to reach new clients and will serve to get your message to the right audience.

If you are just starting your online journey or perhaps you have missed the early internet fits and starts, you undoubtedly realize the importance of having a place for your clients and potential clients to visit you online.

A great website gives your clients and potential clients 24/7 opportunities

Your online footprint essentially keeps your business card, your business opportunity, your product brochures, and presentations in front of potential clients 24/7. It also lets people see you from any device they are using including mobile. Today’s new web platforms can give your brand the logic to make your website much more interactive than ever before. Your presentations can go well beyond a simple paper brochure or PowerPoint.

Your online footprint should include:

— A Professional Website
— Digital Brochures
— Showcase Client Solutions
— Consistent Updating and Marketing

Your online business should serve the purpose of filling a need for your community. Showcasing your services in a professional manner goes a long way to help forge a relationship with potential clients who may have never thought they needed or wanted any service you offer. Personally, I do not wear a watch and thought it was an old-fashioned risky idea for the large tech juggernaut. After reviewing the presentation, Apple has successfully convinced me that not only do I need a watch, I need to monitor my health, make payments, connect with friends and talk to it.

Apple is so good, they filled a need I did not know I had.

— Does your business offer a product or service your potential clients don’t know exist?

— Is it possible your clients did not even know they needed it?

Through online videos, presentations, white papers, posts, tweets, and marketing, you will have a better-educated client who will ask better questions and who will in the end most likely give you a boatload of referrals.

Let us help you forge your new online presence and build your local community.

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