Using Video to Increase Your Opportunities

By 2018, 84% of internet traffic will be video content

Many people will press the play button on a video before looking at photos or reading white papers. Videos tend to be more interesting and exciting. One Mashable author says, “It’s like comparing the experience of actually watching a movie and hearing about it from someone else.” Do you want to show your potential clients why you are the right choice for them in a quick, concise video or let them muddle through potentially hours of articles and white papers, with the potential that you’re talking them out of purchasing from you? With video, your results will be better.

You can use videos to introduce new products or services and ask visitors to share opinions about what they saw. This will generate some buzz about your products.

The Average User Spends 88% More Time on A Website with Video

Videos are more engaging compared to static content. This is why people prefer to watch videos rather than read write-ups. They find videos easier to relate to. They like watching more than simply reading something, especially those who travel a lot. Those individuals do much of their shopping and product research on Tablets or Mobile devices. It shouldn’t be surprising that this segment also tends to be affluent and pressed for time. Video is this segment’s preferred method of learning about a product or service.

Tablet Consumers Spend More Per Transaction Than PC Consumers.

You might be wondering about Video & SEO. With the latest crawling techniques in play by the major search engines, videos are now searchable and crawl-able. In fact, they even increase ranking because your visitors tend to stay on your pages that have videos longer than those which do not. In turn, your ranking goes up. The old myth that says the video isn’t good for SEO is misleading at best and would be concerned with anyone who cautions against adding a good intro or product video to your site.

Consumers Who Watch a Video of A Product or Service Are 88% More Likely To Purchase

What kinds of videos should you add to your site as an advisor?

An introduction video would be a great start. Introduce yourself, talk about who you are, where you’ve been, and what you believe. Why should an individual buy from you and not the firm next door? After that, a video talking about your products and services that set you apart would be key. Offer free articles and resources on key topics at the end of each of your videos. Include a sign-up form next to your video and you have a great funnel site for generating leads, plus a personal touch.

Cast all your camera shy tendencies aside and we will show you how to create fantastic videos for your website!

If you don’t have a video like this on your website, you are missing opportunities. Look at the facts, trends, and your leading competitor’s website. Video is where things are going, why not prepare yourself ahead of time and grab some extra opportunities instead of repenting later?