Retiring Without Risk - The Book

Retiring Without Risk – The Book


The following comes from the foreword of Retiring Without Risk:


This book is dedicated to readers who are looking for understandable answers to the following questions:


  1. Is investing money in the stock market the “best” place to grow wealth?
  2. Notwithstanding all the hype about how well the stock market has done over the last 20+ years, what are the real statistics showing what the “average” investor has actually earned when invested in the stock market (the answer is shocking)?
  3. How do you build a tax-free retirement nest egg in the most efficient and least risky manner possible?
  4. Does it make financial sense to overfund a tax-deferred qualified retirement plan or IRA?
  5. Is “Retirement Life insurance a good financial tool to build wealth for retirement?
  6. Are there wealth-building tools that can guarantee you a 6-8% rate of return?
  7. Are there wealth-building tools that can guarantee you a lifetime income you can never outlive?


Our Philosophy


Retiring Without Risk (RWR) is both a book and a philosophy by which our firm gives advice to clients.  Our philosophy is to help clients reach their financial, estate, and tax-planning goals in the least risky manner possible with the least amount of taxes paid while living and upon death.


FREE Chapter of Retiring Without Risk


The author of RWR has allowed our firm to post one of the chapters from his book for reading on this site for free.  It is Chapter 4 where he explains the math of building wealth with tax-deferred 401(k) plans vs. stocks/mutual funds vs. Retirement Life™.   We believe you will find the material eye-opening and the math easy to follow.


To download the chapter for free, please click here.