Educational Book Sites

Client Educational Book Sites

Actionable sites to engage your clients

We believe an educated client is a better long-term client, and therefore offer a website with 5 groundbreaking digital financial educational books. These books can be read online or downloaded to a client’s favorite device.


Each book site comes with its very own administration area whereby you can personalize your client email, write a forward to each book, and essentially brand you and your company.

Using Single Book Sites

Want to get a specific point across to a client, want to focus your marketing efforts on your core business competency, then look no farther. Send your prospects to a site with one of the 5 available books may be a good option.

Individual Book Sites & Giveaways

Retiring Without Risk Book

Peace of Mind Planning Book

Bad Advisors Book

Home Equity Acceleration Plan Book (H.E.A.P.™)

Home Equity Management Guidebook

Retiring Without Risk eBook

Worry-Free Retirement Kit Site

Peace of Mind Planning eBook

5 eBook Giveaway

Retirement Kit Site

Book Giveaway Site