Contacts to Contracts — Marketing to the Top Line

There is a direct correlation between the amount of prospecting you do and the income you generate. Not much of a revelation and nothing you haven’t heard a thousand times before. The challenge for you and your company is what to do about it. We believe you need to step back and think about your business in reverse.

Whether you are a one-man shop or an entire office full of advisors you need more contacts, leads, and potential new clients. So why are these “things called prospects” are so elusive to locate in many organizations?

In most instances, prospects are in such short supply advisors are generally willing to sign up and pay for just about any service that offers a hint of hope regarding lead generation. Not a day goes by that an advisor doesn’t comment on the need to get in front of more people, close more sales and increase their bottom line.

How many times have your heard or said, I want to increase my bottom line. All of us are conditioned to reach and achieve a better bottom line. The question is, will the bottom line grow your business?

At Global Advisors we believe the “bottom line” is a function of the accounting department. We would like you to consider your business from an entirely new direction; the top line. Top-line thinking forces you to view your business in a different way. Topline thinking says; how much gross revenue can come into our firm. It also makes you ask, what do we have to do to get more gross revenue?

Top-line thinking makes you take off your accountant’s cap and put on your marketing brain.

Why the top line matters

Going after the top line will bring your company full circle to the beginning of your sales process, the ancient art of prospecting. If much of your time is spent in the front end of your business the back end or bottom line will take care of itself. Topline thinking is lead generation thinking. Your business can be a perfect circle; contacts turn into leads, leads turn into sales, sales return referrals and the cycle continues.

So ask yourself a serious question, where are you spending most of your time? Prospecting can be the missing link to extraordinary top-line profits. It may not matter what type of marketing you do as much as the fact that you do it. There are no shortcuts and not many magic wands, just an old-fashioned stick-to-it mentality.

Let us help you put on your Sunday best and greet the day with a solid marketing plan. If you really work at the TOP LINE of your business the accounting department will do a better job at reducing costs and keeping expenses in line with gross revenue. In the end, both brains should be very happy.

If you have any marketing questions or questions about what we offer, feel free to contact us.