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Showcasing Client/Advisor User Interface

Client Admin Areas

Client FREE books login area.

Clients will receive an advisor branded email with their special individual login area to view or download their FREE books.

H.E.A.P.™ Admin Areas

Client H.E.A.P.™ Login on desktop or mobile app.

Mobile Ready

Brand your company with logos, emails, and your company address.

See each client who signs up with date and time information. Change client permissions if necessary.


Use the code on most sites you own. Send client signups to any new page on any site you would like to direct them.

Advisor Admin Areas

Your advisor login area.


All of your branding customizations will be inside your advisor administration area. Email set up, client sign-ups, the special book forwards, and all client controls are right at your fingertips.


Client admin FREE book area. Clients will view only the free books they have chosen to view. If you are using a single book site, only that book will show up for client user membership.