About Us

First and foremost we try to help you stay away from Bad Advisors


Know About Our Dedicated Services

We assist our clients with understanding and education on wealth preservation concepts both personally and professionally.

At Global Advisors, we take a no-nonsense approach to providing you the best resources available through our database of advisors with all areas of expertise. Our advisors have vast knowledge when it comes to helping you create a personal or professional plan and supply you with the right resources to result in greater profitability. Our areas of expertise include tax compliance, business planning, wealth preservation, estate planning, family trusts, corporate structuring, jurisdiction/cross border business, domestic and global business, and succession planning.


Our Goals

Well educated, well-informed clients as well as advisors

Our Objectives

Using technology along with time-tested strategies to preserve and protect wealth

Our Ideas

Technology does not help much if it is not implemented. We assist in helping you forge ahead with your goals

What Do We Do?

Our goal with this site is to allow readers to learn what makes our firm different so they can determine if we are the right firm to help them protect and grow their wealth.

We believe in the theory that you should only take as much risk as necessary to grow your wealth. For most, the risk is something that should be avoided. When you work with the right team of advisors, risk can be mitigated using certain types of investment or even avoided when using certain types of life or annuities products.

When it comes to protecting assets from creditors, we help provide a road map for clients so they don’t have to worry about having their valuable assets taken in a lawsuit.


Business Analysis

Look at what you have and to sort out where we can go


Wealth Planning

We attempt to simplify the myriad of choices one has in their financial life


Going Digital

All software is not made the same; we help you find the best solutions


Assessing Risks

We use software to assess a person's real risk in the marketplace